ron, Jul-25 2008

Trilateral VC Friday

Goodbye weekly Virtual Console updates, we hardly knew you. We're settled into the two-week routine now.
So today is another one of those days.

City Connection

A strange kind of platformer for the NES. You paint floating platforms by driving along them with a car. There are enemies to harass you, and you can shoot collectible oil blobs to fight back. Your car can jump and turn on the spot, but it can't stop or change speed.

International Karate +

A fighting game for the C64. Unlike its predecessor, every fight is now a three-man free-for-all. You're no longer out of the round with the first connecting hit, but fighters recover after a short while. Hits are scored, and the first to reach six points wins the round.

Neo Turf Masters

A realistic golf sim for the NeoGeo. You get a full control over your shots, including spin and choice of clubs of course, and there are four complete courses.

International Karate + is a nice reductionist fighting game, and also quite entertaining when playing alone. The free-for-all style adds a bit of urgency and chaos, and makes the game stand out proud from the usual one-on-one routine. The lack of any combo system with risks and rewards is perhaps its biggest limitation.
IK+ is another case where we would have preferred the Amiga version, but the C64 version looks fine as well, and has the exact same gameplay. A worthwhile addition.

Neo Turf Masters is a solid, well-presented game with good depth, but is completely obsolete and easily replaced. Modern golf games offer all the same features, while outdoing it on the presentation side and in sheer precision.
City Connection is just terrible full-on shovelware. Avoid.

Summary: IK+ probably, the other two certainly not.


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