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New article: Timeshift review

Ah, marketing budgets. They are such miraculous things nowadays. They can now reach out so far to even affect products that don't have them. Rally and inspire the troops enough, and the tribe will not just protect you, but actually go to war. It has been observed in the wild that fans of certain generic shooters with one or two gimmicks will fervently call out less financially blessed games in the same space (which they've never even seen, let alone touched) as nothing more than … generic shooters with one or two gimmicks.
Enter Timeshift (stage left). It's, in honest fact, a mildly sci-fi first-person shooter with one or two gimmicks. That's the material of perfect tens, and likewise a recipe for disappointment, depending on the title and box art, usually. Not here though. I've actually played it before writing my review.

Timeshift certainly has the looks, it features strong own ideas and there's also a public demo available. Still, with a marked lack of community cheering, it just came and went, relatively unnoticed. For shame.

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