ron, Jun-20 2008

The sigh of exhaustion

Statistically speaking, in the past month Nintendo has released two new Virtual Console games each Friday. But that's a long-term observation based on averages. The short-term here and now, also known as "today", is a solid lozengen of obsidian nothingness. A single paddle floating down a quiet river. A sleeping dog refusing to wake up. Sticky tape on a piece of cardboard. There's nothing to see here. Move along.

I don't understand what sense this is supposed to make. If "consistency" and "long-term averages" were two wrestlers locked into a steel cage, not to mention each other, I'd know which one to cheer on. The pieces could line up nicely if/when the WiiWare release schedule were to change in such a way that each class of releases switches over to a bi-weekly schedule with a weekly alternation between the two, but a)right now that's just not the case and b)as opposed to the vast preexisting supply of potential VC games, WiiWare games have to be made. As such it would be impossible to commit to regular WiiWare releases anyway. So meh.


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