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ron, Aug-31 2008

Your regular scheduled programming

You so had it coming.


ron, Aug-30 2008

Valkyrie Profile 2 review

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Proof that optimisim is a resource that can be harvested.
ron, Aug-22 2008

Stoic VC Friday

Two new Virtual Console games: isometric paper questing and something that was lost once already.


ron, Aug-17 2008

On Oblivion: episode 2

Proof that more voice acting doesn't automatically make games feel more human.


ron, Aug-08 2008

Throbbing VC Friday

Four new Virtual Console games: honorable fighting, slimy brawling, ancient racing and something really stupid.


ron, Aug-03 2008

On Oblivion: episode 1

Oblivion or Blowhivion? No short answer to that. Take this long one.

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