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ron, Jun-29 2008

Stop Holding Z And Tap R To Not Shoot

An opportune Metal Gear Solid conrambulation.


ron, Jun-27 2008

Outpouring VC Friday

Five new Virtual Console games: maze shmupping, into-ruin-laying, ghost stacking, ancient pre-waggle and a candy bomb.


ron, Jun-20 2008

The sigh of exhaustion

The first rerun of Zero Virtual Console Games Chronicles.
ron, Jun-14 2008

Most certainly terrible

A more modern waste of money explained.


ron, Jun-13 2008

Reconciling VC Friday

Five new Virtual Console games: punching in private, punching in public, punching through walls, punching in black and the punch of the frog tongue.


ron, Jun-12 2008

Folklore review

Teaser · Full article
Imagine you could grab two mysterious creatures with either hand and smash them together.


ron, Jun-06 2008

Unavailable VC Friday

A memento of no Virtual Console-related happenings at all.

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