About the site

Back-catalog.net is one of those squishy not-quite-news, not-quite-blog, not-quite-journalism web outlets that a pompous, opinionated self-righteous fool with an unproven ambition uses for poorly defined purposes. Sometimes that even involves giving review scores to games that certainly deserved a more professional treatment, but what can you do.

Back-catalog.net is not here to scoop, but to opine, classify and evaluate. We'll put a strong focus on older titles that circulate through European bargain bins and online auctions, or games that (re)appear on the Wii Virtual Console or the PSN, be they authentic vintage or merely simple and cheap. As the name implies, we wish to help you find your way through the infinite depths of the game libraries of current games consoles, where most of that depth is produced by games that were released for their respective predecessors.

We also have one of those coal-powered communication system here, the tubes are so elegant you barely notice them in the rooms with curtains, and you can even enter your own textual messages into its circulation. Just send your dove to ron at back-catalog.net. Don't be surprised if we keep it though.


We'd like to thank the makers of the GNU image manipulation program for their software. The GIMP has a terribly misguided interface, it's a pain in the behind and detrimental to sanity to do anything with it, but on the upside it has a lot of excellent functionality hidden under its rotten shell. We use it regularly and irrespective of our hate for its interface we are very glad it exists. Thanks.
Fortunately some of the GIMP's most painful problems can be worked around by using DBP, David's Batch Processor, which not only processes, obviously, batches of images, but also uses its own interface for the set of operations it supports. It's so much more pleasant this way.

This place would also be much harder to maintain if it weren't for the versatile and mighty Bluefish editor, sitecopy, a program for incremental updates over FTP and other connections, GNU make, tvtime, hands-down the best capture monitoring and snapshotting software ever and of course PHP. If you see anyone involved in these projects, give them a hug.

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